B is for Bachelor: Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party with a Party Bus Rental

So you’re the best man at the wedding coming up, and you want to plan a perfect bachelor party for your best friend. You want it to be different and memorable, fun and comfortable. If you live near San Francisco or the Bay Area, chances are you’ve already heard about the latest trend in town: bachelor parties with party bus rental San Francisco.

Intrigued? We’ll Explain Further.

You essentially take the groom-to-be- and all your dudes on a bus rental across San Jose (or whichever region you’re from or prefer), and you can rest assured that everything will go perfectly as planned.

The most important thing to know is that someone who’s professional, experienced, local, and not-drunk is controlling the wheel. You, the groom, and all the partygoers are in safe hands!

So, how should you plan it?

Go with a Theme

As is with every wedding-related party, selecting a theme is the first thing. Sports are the most obvious pick, but if your friend is a big Marvel/DC junkie, there’s something you can also go with.


No bachelor party can exist without music—and for this particular party; we suggest you go with the groom’s most loved titles. After all, it’s his wedding! You as his best friend will probably know which songs to pick. Just make sure they’re upbeat!


Party Food

You have a bunch of men getting drunk and making merry at the top of their lungs on the road—and you don’t add food? Bad idea. We suggest something filling and maybe a little something for the forthcoming hangovers?

Pit Stops

You’ll definitely be making a few stops on the way. Select these places beforehand and let the driver in far ahead of time, in order to avoid hasty (and dangerous) braking. Pick out the best places on the way, especially if these places are great for photos! Once you’ve had your photos and your fun, it’s time to hop back onto the bus and ride along! You can also keep these stops a secret so that everyone on board is in for a surprise!

Planning a Bachelor Party in San Jose? We’ve Got You!

What do you need? Luxury limos, Mercedes, or an entire bus that you can charter from the airport? Whatever your requirements might be, we at Primo Transportation wait to entertain them. A leading Bay Area-based luxury and airport transportation San Francisco service provider, we cover a range of areas such as Napa, Watsonville, Pleasanton, Santa Cruz, and, of course, San Jose.

And there’s no way that your bachelor party won’t be perfect with us on your side—no way, Jose! Make reservations today!

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