Life Without Music Would B-Flat: Are You Ready for The SF Symphony This Year?

The San Francisco Symphony is an American orchestra that was founded in 1911. Needless to say the orchestra is based in San Francisco and is a celebration of music.

The San Francisco Symphony Chorus and the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra are also part of the organization. If you’re a music enthusiast who is thrilled by classical music, then you’d love to listen to the SF Symphony of this year.

If you’re planning to attend one of the biggest events in SF this year, here’s everything you should know to be perfectly prepared:

When to Arrive

An orchestra is a very well-planned event that can best be enjoyed if you’re just as prepared. This means reserving enough time to arrive at the venue at least half an hour in advance.

Arriving at the place thirty minutes in advance will give you and your company a lot of time to explore the facility. Because the place is quite large, it can be hard to find your seats. So reaching early will also give you time to find your respective seats.

And you don’t have to worry about reaching too early because most halls open their gates around one hour or 90 minutes in advance.

What to Wear

This can be quite tricky. The internet has a ton of ideas and we think many of them can be misleading.

Your attire for an orchestra very much depends on where the concert is being held. To dress right at the symphony, there are some general rules that you may want to consider. It’s usually expected that the patrons dress semi-formally. This could be anything between like your formal dress or business attire. But in case you’re going on a main event then you might opt for a formal dress; sometimes it may even be requested.

Expected Etiquette

There’s a certain etiquette expected in terms of applauding at an orchestra. If you are confused about how to go about it, follow the crowd.


Generally speaking, the crowd applauds when the concertmaster enters the stage. However, don’t applaud at any time during the actual performance. The crowd’s only expected to applaud when the whole music ends.

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