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Bachelorette Party: Plan the Perfect Farewell to Singlehood
Did he finally put a ring on your friend’s finger? First things first, congratulations! Looks like your maid-of-honor duties are about to start! But first, now that your bestie is about to say farewell to her single life, it’s time to give her the best bachelorette party ever! Of course, there’s going to be some notoriety, a lot of booze, and all her friends—but, planning a memorable bachelor party is no easy task. That’s why we’ve
Limos and Classic Cars: 6 Ways to Make that First Date Count!
If you’ve recently jumped back into the dating scene and are dreading the thought of the first date, you’re not alone. In the age of online matchmaking, dating is simple and straightforward for many, but for others, it can be triggering. The pressure of getting everything right the first time is immense. So if you need some help in the strategy department, we have a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts that will be tremendously
4 Things to Look for in a Wedding Transportation Service
As the wedding bells start to ring and your big day approaches, there are certain things you need to plan—wedding transport being one of them. Before you get started on researching local luxury limo rental services, though, there are two things you should consider: Is the transport just for the bride and groom? Or is it for the whole family and then some? From bridesmaids and groomsmen to guests, you’ll need to work out the
Wedding Rings & Champagne: 6 Out-of-The-Box Wedding Transportation Ideas!
Your big day needs some big transportation ideas that will leave guests in awe. While many couples in California hire our luxury limousines—that are the epitome of style and elegance—for their reception, in this blog, we want to talk about a few out-of-the-box ideas that will make for a memorable ride. Vintage Car Fulfill your dream of driving/traveling in an antique car by hiring one as your wedding ride. Just think about your favorite model,
B is for Bachelor: Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party with a Party Bus Rental
So you’re the best man at the wedding coming up, and you want to plan a perfect bachelor party for your best friend. You want it to be different and memorable, fun and comfortable. If you live near San Francisco or the Bay Area, chances are you’ve already heard about the latest trend in town: bachelor parties with party bus rental San Francisco. Intrigued? We’ll Explain Further. You essentially take the groom-to-be- and all your dudes
Hiring an Airport Transportation Service for Your Next Vacation Getaway
The way to and from the airport—be in San Francisco or Oakland—is naturally crowded on any given day. No matter which airport in Bay Area it is that you’re flying to, you’ll likely find the way congested and annoying—especially if you’re on vacation. New rideshares and new parking lots are regularly added to make the whole place less congested, but let’s be honest: no major airport in the USA is ever going to be not congested. But those aren’t
Best Places to Visit In Dublin
Here is a list of all the spectacular places to visit in Dublin.    
A Groupie’s Guide To Paul McCartney’s ‘Freshen Up’ Tour in San Jose!
Sir Paul McCartney will be gracing the SAP Center in San Jose on July 10, 2019 for his ‘Freshen Up’ tour. For anyone who’s a fan, or has ever enjoyed The Beatles, Paul McCartney’s name brings in bouts of nostalgia. People from all around the region will be lining up to hear the unstoppable force that is Paul McCartney, who is now touring for the first time since his latest album Egypt Station, released by
Let’s Get This Show On The Road! 3 Corporate Transportation Tips For Event Managers
Event management is no easy feat. It’s an exhausting and somewhat maddening job where you’re running about making sure everything is perfect down to a tee. To pull off a successful corporate event is one of the biggest challenges in any event manager’s career, and is a challenge that never ceases to be difficult. Despite having travel managers on board, companies require coordination and cooperation from event managers too in order to get the best
Questions To Ask Your Transportation Service When Hitchin’ A Ride For The Bride!
Whether you’re the bride or it’s your BFF, planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and arduous tasks anybody can undertake. If you don’t have a wedding planner, it can be even harder to figure out the dress, venue, menu, logistics and everything else in between. Don’t worry too much because with a little (or a lot of) planning and preparation, you’ll be all set. Before you plan your wedding though, just remember