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Is Luxury Transportation Your Ride On The Road To Success?
They say your first impression is your last impression—they’re not entirely wrong; while it may not be your last impression, it could very well be a lasting impression. Imagine pulling up to an important business meeting or conference, ready to make the best pitch of your life to all the biggest investors and board members of your company, in your family SUV. But is my SUV really that bad? Sure, it shows you’re a family oriented individual,
Wedding Essentials: Transportation Basics You Need To Know
You’ve been entrusted with a vital task. If you choose to accept it and don’t execute it perfectly, you’ll be removed from the bride’s “good people” list forever. Furthermore, you’ll have to deal with passive aggressive statements regarding your poor management skills for the rest of your life. We’re talking about wedding transportation Bay Area, of course! Thankfully, though, there’s a reliable transportation company in San Jose that can give you the lowdown on everything
The Top 3 events that Call for a Limo Car Service
Back in the old days, hiring a limousine service was a luxury that few could afford. These days, however, it’s become more of a trend. And why not? Convenient, comfortable and cost-effective, limousine service has become the prime option for transportation to a destination or adding a touch of class and elegance to an event or occasion. When it comes to special occasions and events, transportation is the something that’s overlooked the most during the
4 Tips To Impress Your Date On Prom Night 
The simplest rule to have a spectacular prom night and make perfect memories is to keep your date happy! If she sticks by your side with a smile throughout the time, bingo! With so much social pressure to look your best and amaze the rest at the big night, high school students often freak out! It’s normal to be nervous before your prom night but make sure you’re as best prepared as can be to
3 Hidden Gems in San Francisco You Must Visit
Visiting San Francisco in the coming months? You’ve got plenty of things in store for you! With all the fuss about the major attractions of the city, however, don’t forget to check out some of these lesser known places and sites in San Francisco! Lands End Labyrinth The artist Eduardo Aguilera’s designed the labyrinth at Lands End and this remains to be one of the most coveted treasures the city has to offer. The creation
Drive and Arrive To Your Prom In Style
The prom is the biggest night of your high school life and also the dreamiest one. Since the first day of high school till the final date of the prom, students are eagerly slashing off dates on their calendars and waiting for the big event. Ever boy aspires to become the gentleman of the evening with the prettiest lady on his arm while every girl fantasizes about becoming the belle of the ball with the
Tips To Impress Your Date
Prom is a beloved subject among teenagers, frequently depicted in movies about high school kids. However, Hollywood isn’t always realistic in its portrayal of this event and can give you false expectations. While everybody has their own preferences about how they’d rather spend their evening, these ideas can help you have a memorable prom experience. Say Yes To the Right Dress With the endless pressure to buy a glamorous dress for the dance, prom has become
Places to see in Watsonville
Watsonville is a small city located in California in the Pajaro Valley. Here are some places in Warsonville that you can plan on your next visit.
Top Activities to do in Los Gatos
Named after the wildcats and cougars indigenous to the surrounding foothills, Los Gatos is a small town in Santa Clara County. Although often overlooked as a notable destination, the town has much to offer to visitors and locals alike. Here’re a few activities you must participate in when in Los Gatos. Explore the Historic Downtown To really get a taste of Los Gatos, a visit to the downtown area is a must. Here you’ll find an array of
Wedding Limo Rental
Congratulations! He finally put a ring on it! As you prepare for your big day; of the many things on your check-list, your ride to the venue should be a top priority. After all, if it’s a fairytale wedding, shouldn’t your ride be just as magical? Whereas a carriage made out of pumpkins can be a bit far-fetched, you can make do with a close second (which is frankly more comfortable)—a luxury rental. Here’s a